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Appleseed Cast

with Asobi Seksu, Skursula
Tuesday, January 23
Price: $8 / Ages: 19 and over
Doors at 9:00 PM

What time do the doors open for (band name)'s show?

The doors usually open between thirty minutes to an hour before showtime. On occassion, if there are adverse weather conditions and a long line backed down past the retirement home, the doors may be opened a bit earlier. And of course they may open a bit late if the band is still in soundcheck.


Oh geez, Why aren't all your shows all ages??

Due to government restrictions on all-ages crowds and serving alcohol, the insurance and security costs of producing an all-ages event are extremely high. We love to do all ages shows, and we do them from 5-9pm as much as we can, but unfortunately we have to follow the law which means that after 10pm we can have no one in the Picador under the age of nineteen. Sorry, but it's totally out of our control.


What does 'Sold Out' mean?

Sold out means that there are no more tickets available for purchase. I know that sounds simple, but you'd be surprised at how many people ask that one. (This is the FAQ, after all!) The good news is, you can buy tickets early if the web site says that tickets are available in advance. On the other hand, if tickets are available only on the day of the show, be there before doors open for your best chance of getting in.


I have a disability and need a table or seat for an upcoming show. What do I do?

If you need special accommodations for an event, please come to the Picador at least half an hour before doors open. Let a box office person or bartender at the front door know what you need, and they'll let you in early. We can also help you upstairs if you like, and you'll be able to grab a table before the doors open. Otherwise feel free to email us before the event and we will accomodate your needs.


Is there seating? What does the seat number on my ticket mean?

We are a general-admission venue. In almost all cases, the main floor is standing room only. There is seating in the bar area, and it's first come, first serve.


According to (Band name)'s website, they are scheduled to play The Picador on X date, but I don't see anything on your website. What's the deal?

Many bands plan their tours far in advance and will make assumptions on where they will play based on where they have played before. While the band may have discussed playing at the Picador, and are quite possibly negotiating the deal, the official paperwork has not been finished so we can't publicize the date. Or sometimes their website is simply inaccurate. This website is the most accurate way to know what shows are confirmed.


How does my band get to play the Picador?

We are always looking for new local and regional bands to play the Picador. You can gladly drop off a demo CD, video, tape, or whatever form of technological way you may have recorded your band. You can also send us an email. We love the internet and will check out links to your music. However, we cannot guarantee that we can book your band for more reasons that we could name, but it never hurts to give us your music to check out.


How do I get a job at the Picador?

We are always looking for Street Team and Interns to work at the venue. On occasion we will be looking for door staff, box office, and waitresses. Check out the website for any job postings, or you can always email us at


Is the Picador available for private parties and events?

Indeed we are. Feel free to talk to Craig or Doug at the venue or email